God Time

“23 After he had dismissed them [ the crowd], He went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray.” Matthew 14:23a

Over the next five months, I want to write articles about the key practices of discipleship. Some of these will be familiar to some of you and others I hope will be new in the way I treat them.

Over the next five months, I will be writing about the value of weekly worship, regular accountability with a group of followers, the importance of serving the next generation, and the necessity of serving those who are yet to believe. This month I want to begin with a personal component, spending time with God. In the Matthew passage above after Jesus had fed the five thousand, he sent His disciples ahead across the Sea of Galilee and he dismissed the crowd. Immediately after this, He went alone to a mountain to spend time with God the Father. Instead of giving you a formula for your alone time with God let me suggest that this time is a time that you can spend with the One you love the most with some significance. First, I want to share with you that one of our saints has developed his appointment time with God in two ways. First, he has almost developed his own language with a memorization process. Secondly, he developed a way to make a timer with two-liter bottles that allows you to spend 7 minutes in prayer, 7 minutes in reading, and 7 minutes in responding to God what He has impressed on you to respond. Another saint uses her Bible app’s reading plans for her appointment time with God. I know another who spends time with God memorizing entire books of the Bible. There are many ways to spend time with God. The important thing is to spend time with God daily. It is communication in your most important relationship. Time with God allows us to know Him and His will. As we journey through our life in faith we grow in our relationship with God by spending time with Him.

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